Donation Opportunities

Research is an expensive yet invaluable undertaking for any profession. Chiropractic research, specifically that for flexion distraction, is on-going with some federal funds and other organization funds, but behind every federal grant or organization frunding award is much personal funding. Personal funding from practitioners supports on-going projects in which federal funds may become low or for new project ideas that must be tested and proven viable before more federal funding is granted.
A note from Dr. Cox...
If you would be interested in supporting the on-going research efforts into the efficacy, efficiency, biomechanics of and outcomes of Cox Technic, your assistance is greatly appreciated by the flexion distraction researchers headed up by Dr. Ram Gudavalli. There are three options:

1- COX FUND @ National University of Health Sciences
The National University has a dedicated fund for collection of funds to help fund on-going as well as pilot studies on Cox® Technic Flexion-Distraction and Decompression Adjustment & Manipulation. 

For your donation of at least $100, you will receive a copy of the 10 minute research video depicting intradiscal pressure drops which the technique is performed as well as footage of the facet openings and gappings while distraction motions are applied to each level.

2 -COX FUND @ Palmer Research Center, Davenport
A fund is established at Palmer Research Center in Davenport to further the research interests at Palmer of flexion-distraction studies.

Closing Comments 

check for donation Whichever you choose, your donation is honorably appreciated.

Please know I am aware of the propriety and stewardship of your contribution and accept the call of responsibility to you.

Please complete and return the form to me, and I will forward it to the appropriate institution for recognition and good use.

Personal and professional regards,

Jim Cox