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Cox Technic Resource Center Inc offers the following products in support of the back pain specialist's practice:  
Textbooks / DVD on Technique
Low Back Pain, 7th edition
NEW! Neck, Shoulder, Arm Pain, 4th ed., #17N
Pelvic Pain and Organic Dysfunction: The PPOD Syndrome
Cox Technic Demonstration DVD 100 Mins. 2013
Research Pearls
Cox Monthly Research Pearls - WRITTEN #36
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Cox Monthly Research Pearls - WRITTEN plus AUDIO #36WA
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PATIENT EDUCATION - Booklets, Brochures
Low Back & Leg Pain Booklets #11
Neck & Arm Pain Booklets #12
Cox® Technic for Spinal Pain Management Brochures #10
Cox® Technic for Cervical Spine & Arm Pain Relief Brochures #9
Cox® Technic for Low Back & Leg Pain Relief Brochures #8
Brochures Holder
50 sheets/pack - 50% Rule
*Sold at wholesale to healthcare providers.  Please call to place an order. 1-800-441-5571
  1. NEW! Discat Plus ENHANCED (capsules) - 500mg GS/400mg CS per svg
  2. Discat Plus (capsules, tablets) - 500mg GS/100mg CS per svg
  3. Discat (capsules) - 50mg GS/100mg CS per svg
  4. Formula ONE Daily Multiple
  5. Formula #2 Calcium Citrate/D3/Magnesium
  6. Flax Plus Fiber
  7. Disc & Joint Pain Relief Complex
Discat Plus ENHANCED Brochures (NEW 4/17)
 Discat Plus Brochure Holder #72 
Holder #72 Purchase Options
Formula One Brochures
Disc & Joint Pain Relief Brochures
 Supplement Brochure Holder
T Bar $20
X-ray Diagnostic FOOT LIFTS For Short Leg Analysis
Disc Poster $65
Causes of Low Back Pain Poster
Cervical Spine Diagnosis Poster
Thoracic Spine Diagnosis Poster
Treatment Plan Expectations Poster

PSCP Poster
Cox Technic Poster - Full Color
NEW Spinal Stenosis Poster
Powerpoint Back School - 144 Slides
RED Cox Low Back Exercise Guide 50/pad #18
NEW Cox Low Back Exercise Guide 50/pad #18N
Cox® Low Back Exercise DVD #18DVD
Cox® Neck Exercise Guide 50/pad GREEN #19
Master CD Flash of Cox Technic for LB, CS, FBSS, Preg, Effects
Virtual Decompression For Cox Technic Software Program

Examination Forms CD - Lumbar/Thoracic/Cervical Exam, Re-Exam, Xray Diagnosis Chart, Diagnostic Flow Chart
Subjective Questionnaires Packet CD
Powerpoint Lumbar Spine with Narration 122 slides
Powerpoint Cervical Spine with Narration 91 slides
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