Research Opportunities

Clinical Data Collection Studies

Opportunities for field doctors to participate in chiropractic research, specifically flexion distraction research, can add an exciting dimension to your chiropractic practice.

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are invited to participate in a clinical data collection research project.

Headed by Dr. Jerrilyn Cambron at National University of Health Sciences and assisted by Jennifer Dexheimer, one collection has been completed. Its focus is on cervical spine outcomes using cervical flexion-distraction protocols. The data are being analyzed presently.

A second study will commence in the last 2010. Participating doctors are asked to gather data on the next 10 consecutive low back pain cases, regardless of condition, and share the data with the researchers. The researchers will enter and compile the data to document such things as days and visits to maximum improvement, patient VAS outcomes, patient satisfaction, etc.

Click here for more information on the Cox Technic Cervical Spine Clinical Research Data Collection Project for doctors who have a flexion-distraction table. The lumbar spine guide will be similar.

Thank you for your consideration.