Expected Outcome

The Rule of 50% guides the expected outcomes of care under Cox Technic protocols:
Cox Technic Rule of 50%
  1. 50% relief of pain symptoms subjectively reported (by you) and objectively (by certain tests the doctor does) is expected within 30 days.

    • If 50% is not attained, further testing and/or a surgical consultation will be considered.

  2. At 50% relief of pain which may come in just a visit or two your office visits will be reduced by 50%.
    • Example: If your treatment plan called for your coming to the office every day, you would be seen every two days.
It takes 3 months for a torn disc to heal sufficiently to return to normal activities of daily living.
- G. Hirschberg, MD, Texas Medical Journal, 1974, 70(12)
Know that your Cox Technic physician will monitor your progress carefully and know when to take the next step, whatever that may be.