Neck and Arm Pain Relief with Cox Technic

Neck pain and arm pain often go hand-in-hand. Neck pain alone may indicate that the pressure on the spinal nerve is not as great whereas arm pain indicates there is more pressure. The size of the canal also plays a role in the amount of pain a herniation or cervical spinal pain condition may produce. A large canal space may be adequate for a large disc herniation, so it doesn't produce much pain. A small canal space with a seemingly small by measurement disc herniation may produce lots of pain. Then there is the possibility of chemical inflammation due to the disc herniation's content chemically irritating much to consider!
But Cox Technic is shown to relieve neck pain and arm pain, together or alone. The goal is no pain.
cervical spine pain before Cox Technic Flexion Distraction
cervical spine pain relief after Cox Technic


no pain

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Cox Technic relieves neck pain and arm pain.Cox Technic Flexion distraction and decompression is shown to be a viable treatment for neck and arm pain relief.
Contact a certified Cox Technic physician near you for an examination and treatment plan to relieve your neck pain and  related arm pain.