Cox Technic Part I - New Jersey - June 8-9, 2019

Dr. George Joachim leads this chiropractic continuing education weekend in the research support for and the practical application of evidence-based clinical protocols of Cox®  Technic flexion distraction. This is the east coast location for this Cox®  Seminar Part I in the lumbar spine application of flexion distraction spinal manipulation protocols .
The focus this weekend will be on the research basis of the technique as well as the non-discogenic conditions Cox® Technic is appropriate in the chiropractic treatment plan.
most beneficial: "Treating stenosis, spondylolisthesis, and radiculopathy using mobilization" - attendee, 1/19 
In this 14 hours chiropractic CE weekend, attendees split time between didactic lecture and hands-on practice on The Cox®8 Table by Haven Innovation. No chiropractor enjoys sitting all weekend. It's so foreign to the normal day-to-day of practice! We make sure you have plenty of opportunity to do a bit of both.
most beneficial: “The hands-on experience plus the research to back up the techniques are extremely helpful in understanding how to better treat patients.” – Bryan Ford, 9/18
The weekend is well-referenced, and the notes list them all!
"This work is supported by strong research.  The presentation of the work including studies are well prepared and presented in a way that brings a lot of confidence and understanding of the science to using Cox® Technic in practice." - attendee, 9/18
Cox® Technic offers plenty of relieving care for disc herniation and radiculopathy for which most chiropractors use it in practice. The Part I seminar shares just how much more versatile Cox®Technic is in clinical practice.
Everything was mind blowing.  The most interesting was [realizing] how much you can do with Cox®." - attendee, 11/18
Come for chiropractic continuing education credits. Come away with a renewed spirit for clinical practice!
"This seminar is run by those with passion enthusiasm, commitment and experience for Cox FD." - attendee, 11/18
And Dr. George Joachim exudes passion and enthusiasm for not only clinical practice and Cox® Technic but also for teaching and sharing all it can do.   

"Love Dr. Cox, Joachim  and Olding.  Their patience while teaching and of course their knowledge makes this seminar even better.  Can’t wait to start using this practice.  Julie is amazing in organizing everything and keeping us on track.  Love it. – Sylvia Hrefna Sigurgeirsdottir DC

Join the Cox® Seminar Part I Lumbar Spine Course for 14 CE hours on June 8-9, 2019, in Newark, NJ, at the Courtyard Marriott at the Airport with a free airport shuttle. Fly in or drive in, it's easy to get there!
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