Cox Technic Parts I and II - November 2019 - Fort Wayne

Dr. George Joachim and Dr. Kurt Olding lead this 4 days' chiropractic continuing education course in Cox Technic flexion distraction spinal manipulation protocols. Together, they highlight the research behind the system of spinal pain management developed over 55 years of experience of Dr. James Cox and the emphasis on documenting the evidence behind the protocols and clinical outcomes for patient back pain relief.

This Cox Seminar for the lumbar spine combines didactics and hands-on for the Parts I and II Courses in 4 days with 32 chiropractic continuing education hours available (for many states).

Lead by Drs. Joachim and Olding with Dr. Cox joining part of the weekend, Parts I and II covers the biomechanics, anatomy, diagnosis, imaging, treatment plan, nutritional aspect, and treatment protocols of the Cox Technic System of Spinal Pain Management in 4 days. It's intense but no one comes away from this 4 days' experience disappointed!

"Love Dr. Cox, Joachim and Olding. Their patience while teaching and of course their knowledge makes this seminar even better. Can’t wait to start using this practice. Julie is amazing in organizing everything and keeping us on track. Love it!" – Sylvia Hrefna Sigurgeirsdottir DC

Doctors from around the world - Australia to Iceland to Ireland to Canada to Hong Kong to Singapore - join US-based chiropractic colleagues for this weekend, too. One trip immerses everyone in the research support for and the evidence-based protocols of Cox Technic.

"The instructors [Dr. Joachim and Dr. Olding] were all fantastic, patient, and extremely knowledgeable. It was great to hear about real clinical examples of cases, treatments and outcomes. I thought the Force table was great to be able to visually see the amount of force you apply because it was definitely not what I expected." - attendee 11/17


During the Part I session, Drs. Joachim and Olding take turns presenting the academics of Cox® Technic more for the non-discogenic spinal pain conditions as well as the hands-on protocols using The Cox8 (Force) Table by Haven Innovation.

They also share unique tips for adjunctive care of non-disc conditions (like doming of the diaphragm for tight hamstrings).

Part II continues the didactic discussion of spine pain conditions with a focus on disc-related conditions and spinal stenosis and ensures that the hands-on application is proper with hands-on training emphasis. Small groups lead by instructors focus on the proper application - contact and motions as well as the force of the contact - of the protocols. The certification examination is offered optionally on Saturday.

Dr. Cox joins the Drs. Joachim and Olding on Saturday for a review of the weekend and emphasis of the federally funded and clinician volunteer research projects (past and present) before the exam and presentation on Sunday of patient cases that exemplify just how the Cox Technic system works in clinical practice for real patient cases. He pulls everything together with passion for chiropractic and its role in healthcare for spine pain relief and management.

Join us!
November 7-10, 2019
Fort Wayne, IN
Hilton at the Grand Wayne Center (free shuttle from the airport [FWA])