Honors Course

The focus of an Honors Course* is to demonstrate the integration of Cox® Technic protocols in the clinical setting.

Real patients, real conditions, real applications, real problems, real situations!  

“Just when I thought I was up to date on the technique, I was amazed at the new research and information [presented at this Honors course] that I can use Monday morning.”– Luigi Albano DC


These are SPECIAL COURSES with one fee for all attendees and no discounts/coupons/refunds. 
February 3-4, 2024 - Honors Course - 12 CE hrs
The Royal Sonesta (Isla Verde Beach!)


Our last BEACH-y Honors Course in Hawaii had an amazing 16 presentations plus Dr. Cox and Dr. Hazen! Let's see if we can beat that! Let Julie know to save a spot for you!

  • Dr. James Cox will lead 12 hours of collegial discussion regarding the biomechanics, diagnosis, and treatment of spine pain conditions and their related extremity pain issues with a focus on the latest spine research publications.
  • The clinical application of Cox® Technic Flexion Distraction Decompression (CTFDD) will be highlighted; the translation of spinal research findings to clinical application will be featured.
  • Attendees are invited and encouraged to present a case! Just 10 minutes: history, exam, imaging, diagnosis, treatment plan, outcomes/questions. Julie will help put it together if needed! 
The advantages of these presentations:
  • Location. We try to pick a special place to join. 
  • Topics. Dr. Cox prepares unique presentations around his current interest which is usually piqued by the latest literature or research outcomes from the federally funded studies. 
  • Attendees are invited and encouraged to present a short 10 minute case! The discussion from that gets incredibly dynamic and clinically relevant!
  • Intimacy. The groups are usually quite congenial as many long-time Cox® Certified Doctors join us and talk with newer-to-the technique attendees about their practices and clinical outcomes.


The course designed for the experienced Cox® Technic physician is THIS Honors Course!* It builds on the knowledge thus acquired and allows space for colleagues to share successes, challenges, new research, and the excitement of being the Back Pain Specialist. 
Any chiropractic physician is welcome to join this course as it is a practical, daily practice discussion course. Doctors will share what they are seeing in their practices, how they are treating their patients with Cox® Technic, how they are incorporating Cox® Technic into their specialty practices, interdisciplinary practices, and military settings.
This Honors course* is dynamic! The discussion will flow with the topics as they come up. Dr. Cox typically comes up with a plan, but as doctors bring up cases to discuss, the plan may change.
(Julie always follows and shares any new notes as they come along via email!)
Attending Physicians:
  • Are invited to share their cases, 10 minutes is plenty! Julie will help you with the PowerPoint to show imaging and the case - (history, exam, diagnosis, imaging, treatment plan, outcome).
  • Who are in specialty settings are invited to share how their settings came about and how they function.
  • Are invited to share their excitement at being the Back Pain Specialists they are!
  • Will get their chiropractic continuing education credits as arranged through National University.