Honors Course 2022 - Current & Future Interdisciplinary, Clinical, & Practical Care of Spine Pain

This year's Honors Course 2022 explores the role of Cox® Technic in current and future interdisciplinary, clinical, and practical care of spine pain. The Cox® Technic Team will lead a variety of discussions as well as ever-popular hands-on sessions. It's always a benefit to do some hands-on and get the objective feedback from The Cox®8 Force Table as well as the subjective feedback from a fellow Cox® Technic colleague who is your "patient" while you are using the table. 
This year's title says a lot about the theme:  Cox® Technic in Current & Future Interdisciplinary, Clinical, & Practical Care of Spine Pain.

  • NEW TOPIC as of 3/28/22! As always, a new research study came out that excited Dr. Cox and the team. It will be a focus topic of the Saturday morning discussion about the roles of neurosurgical and conservative care: cervical spine myelopathy and radiculopathy. Read about, and come ready for discussion! 
  • Dr. Cox will open the weekend with a presentation of the latest spine care research pearls that impact the treatment of spine pain (with references!). 
  • Dr. Kurt Olding will highlight some of the more interesting and impactful details in examining, diagnosing and treating thoracic spine pain conditions like disc herniations.
  • A neurosurgeon, Dr. Tyler Atkins, will share insights about what a spine surgeon looks for in determining to do spine surgery, how pre-surgical conservative treatment impacts that decision, and what role conservative care post-surgically plays as well as the latest in spine surgery protocols and procedures.
  • Dr. Cox will share insights about the benefits of spinal manipulation and mobilization biomechanically, mechanically, positively, nervous-system-interactively and more. A dynamic discussion with many references! 
  • Dr. Kurt Olding will share details about the impact of back pain on balance and current studies, tests, and outcomes of Cox Technic treatment's effects on balance.
  • Dr. Ted Siciliano will highlight how knowing the proper force and applying that force (that research shows optimal) enhances clinical outcomes and patient understanding. The Cox®8 Force Table by Haven Medical will be available for the demonstration. 
  • Dr. George Joachim will share a case from his clinical practice and moderate case presentations by attendees (about 10 minutes each). Scheduled thus far are:
    • Dr. Nate McKee – Early Stages of Cervical Myelopathy and Tandem Stenosis treated with Cox® Spinal Decompression Manipulation

    • Dr. Michael Johnson – Acute Non-Specific Mechanical Neck Pain Treated with Cox® Technic

    • Dr. Danica Newbold’s case (Australia) will be presented by Dr. George Joachim – Large L5/S1 Disc Protrusion Referral For Treatment And Management Using Cox® Flexion Distraction Therapy

    • Dr. Kurt Olding – Tarlov Cyst / OSU Surgical Referral – Tenacity of a knowledgeable chiropractor to get patient help he needed.

    • Dr. Robert Borzone – Patient with Left Leg Shaking for 18 years, Resolved with Cox® Decompression

  • A hands-on practice session for all attendees to review lumbar, cervical and thoracic spine protocols is a great reminder and review. 
  • Dr. Ralph Kruse will share the progress of spinal research at Keiser University: post-surgical, lumbar spinal stenosis, ultrasound studies, and more.
  • Dr. Cox will conclude the weekend with his latest passion/topic of afferentation and spinal manipulation with his "chiropractic effect on the autonomic nervous system in health and disease" talk interspersed with vagus nerve treatment and stimulation. 
  • THE AUDIENCE: Intended attendees are chiropractic physicians treating back pain. They may have experience with Cox® Technic or be newly interested in what it has to offer. The Honors Course highlights what Cox® Technic does for its patients and its physicians as well as how it keeps the researchers busy documenting the science and its clinical and laboratory outcomes.
  • THE VISION: The Honors Level Cox® Seminar highlights clinical application and clinical success of Cox® Technic physicians. It is designed for certified Cox® physicians to shine alongside the technique and its outcomes, research and history. It is the forum to enhance the ORAL TRADITION of Cox® Technic's clinical success with documentation.
  • THE METHOD: Lead by Dr. James Cox, developer of Cox® Technic Flexion-Distraction and Decompression Spinal Manipulation, and members of the Cox® Technic Teaching Team, clinical applications, protocols and outcomes are presented by field doctors; research outcomes are presented; situations of healthcare multidisciplinary inclusion of Cox® are described by field doctors.
  • THE FOCUS: This Honors Course delves into the available care options for spine pain patients: manipulation, surgery, pain control, rehabilitation/exercise, modalities, patient education. Its central theme is how Cox® Technic integrates with these options