Honors Course 2022 - Plan & Feedback

The 2022 Cox® Honors Course

April 30-May 1, 2022 
12 CE hours* 
This year's will be at the newest boutique hotel, The Bradley, in Fort Wayne, IN. You may not think of Fort Wayne as a travel destination, but Fort Wayne is getting noticed! It's not Maui or some other exotic locale, but Better.net listed our hometown as a 2022 Travel Destination and The Bradley as the hotel to stay at! We have restaurants, a ball park, lots of architecturally lovely churches, and more. 
And you're coming to Fort Wayne for an uplifting chiropractic education experience, one the Cox® Technic Team strives to make the best.
The PLAN formed around these ideas...

Intention: Gather like-minded chiropractic colleagues to explore new spine topics, treatment approaches both conservative and medical/surgical/pharmacological, clinical successes, clinical challenges, research studies and more.

Participation: Contribute to the discussion with your own case – a success, a challenge, a failure. Let’s learn together to benefit spine pain sufferers. Share a case!

Inspiration: Meld the chiropractic past, present, and future together in this weekend to embrace daily clinical practice.

Renewal: Get back to basics by using the Cox®8 Force Table to measure your forces to be sure they’re where they should be according to research. Cervical, thoracic, lumbar, side-lying adaptations can all be demonstrated, felt, and delivered.

Relaxation: Enjoy the welcoming space of the brand-new boutique hotel in Fort Wayne, Indiana – The Bradley! – written up in many reviews as the place to be.

Visit with Dr. Cox: He’s not traveling much anymore! Fort Wayne is home, so he’ll be here. 
  • Spine Research Pearls Update - the latest in published studies 
  • Interdisciplinary Neurosurgical Management
  • Thoracic Disc Herniation 
  • Biomechanics of Manual Medicine according to research
  • Balance & Cox® Technic
  • Force Table Measurements & Effects on Treatment Outcomes
  • Case Presentations by Attending Chiropractors (Let Julie know to schedule you...and help prepare!)
    • cervical myelopathy and tandem stenosis
    • post MVA leg issues for 18 years 
    • tarlov cyst
    • exercise
    • L5S1 disc protrusion referred to DC for care
    • acute non-specific mechanical neck pain
    • more as you sign up!
  • Hands-On Demo/Practice/Experience
  • Current Cox® Technic Research Studies in progress
  • Afferentation/Autonomic Nervous Ssytem in Health & Disease/Vagus Nerve
  • and more

The FEEDBACK from prior Honors Course attendees:

  • Dr. Cox always provides great material we can immediately take back. - Rick Davis DC 
  • Always a treat - Patrick Chase DC
  • Studying with Dr. Cox - Robert Rice DC 
  • Changes in protocol as well as new research - Adam Palmer DC 
  • History will remember Dr. Cox of one of the most important people in chiropractic.  Sharing and learning in this intimate setting is a wonderful opportunity. - John McGinnis DC 
  • Learning this knowledge will put you at the top of our profession. -  Robert Rice DC
  • It’s a privilege to see Dr. Cox speak with a degree of passion and conjunction on the subject noted that is hard matched in the profession. - Chicago 2018
  • Unbelievable amount of info, always elevates my knowledge and clinical expertise. – Michael Karafa DC
  • Evidence-based research, as Cox® Technic is based on, will help the chiropractor provide the highest quality of care to restore and improve spinal and emotional health. - Maui 2018
The future of Cox® Technic is in the hands, hearts, and minds of its practitioners. Join the Honors Course discussion to keep it alive, relevant, and forward-thinking.

See you April 30-May 1, 2022, at The Bradley!

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