Part II

Part II Cox® Certification Course - How Is Cox® Technic Applied and Integrated into a Clinical Practice - 15-18 CE hrs
Part I introduced the academics of Cox® Technic more for the non-discogenic spinal pain conditions as well as the hands-on protocols. Part II makes sure that the hands-on application is proper with hands-on training emphasis. Small groups lead by experienced, certified-in-Cox®-Technic chiropractic instructors focus on the application of the protocols. The certification examination is offered optionally. Dr. Cox and fellow instructors lead both lumbar and cervical hands-on sessions.
Part II continues the didactic discussion of spine pain conditions with a focus on disc-related conditions and spinal stenosis. Dr. Ram Gudavalli, principal investigator with federally funded research projects, gives the latest updates and shares the pressure transducer with everyone. This is the objective tool that really finetunes the application of the protocols while teaching the pressure to apply to the spine during the adjustment. Part II highlights the evidence-based protocols based on research-documented biomechanical effects and clinical outcomes. For nearly 50+ years, Dr. James Cox, developer of flexion distraction, documented the effects and clinical outcomes from a clinician's perspective, but starting in 1991 when the US government started funding chiropractic research and Dr. Ram Gudavalli joined Dr. Cox, the research abilities really started to be interdisciplinary and more complex. You will see and experience how. This course is a mix of the research and clinical application for attendee implementation.

"I found the seminar to be a perfect blend of intellectual knowledge and hands on practical information. Before part 2, I was getting fairly good results with the instrument and wondered if it was really worth going to part 2. You know, the technique does seem fairly simple. Once there, Dr Gudavalli measured my force with his instrument and found I was using half the force suggested. I spent four different sessions with him trying to perfect this. Then Dr. Cox improved my cervical technique dramatically at one of the lunch hours. I have noticed impressive patient improvements in the week since the seminar...So looking forward to part 3 now."
Warmly, Mark 
[Dr. Mark B. Frank (email correspondence 11/16/08)]

Certification Exam 
  • IF YOU WANT TO BE CERTIFIED, you MUST take the exam, along with attending 30 CE hrs

October 22-23, 2022 - Part II only - 15 CE hrs - with exam
November 10-13, 2022 - Part I and II combined - 32 CE hrs - with exam