Part II - Keiser/West Palm Beach - October 24-25

Part II is the discogenic, pull-it-all-together part of the lumbar spine certification course for the Cox® Technic System of Spinal Pain Management. Keiser University College of Chiropractic Medicine is the Florida site for the Part II. And West Palm Beach is Keiser’s hometown!

"Great teachers, great location, excellent information. The opportunity we got to learn new material necessary for our everyday practice." - Dr. Ruben Rodriquez (October 2019) 


Come to West Palm Beach and spend a few days at Keiser University focusing on the discogenic causes of low back pain, differential diagnosis and treatment of spine related back pain and extremity pain. Practice the documented Cox® Technic protocols for back pain and sciatica relief. Gather some tips on how to influence a more congruent patient with the healing process. Witness some examples of real patient case descriptions to see how the whole system of Cox® Technic for Spinal Pain Management works in a clinical, busy chiropractic practice setting.
I think that my understanding of the diagnostic process, ie, history/exams is much much better. - attendee 4/17

Everything!  Learning how to safely and effectively treat my patients using Cox technique.  This course made me excited to learn more. - attendee 4/17

During hands-on sessions, attendees will have the opportunity to practice the research-documented and clinically desirable forces of flexion distraction with Haven Innovation's Cox8® Force Table to effectively attain all the benefits recorded in the published case reports and research studies in the peer-reviewed journals.

The instructors were all fantastic, patient, and extremely knowledgeable.  It was great to hear about real clinical examples of cases, treatments and outcomes.  I thought the force table was great to be able to visually see the amount of force you apply because it was definitely not what I expected.  - attendee 4/17

The hands-on training and research supporting the technique. - attendee 4/17

Join associate professor at Keiser’s College of Chiropractic Medicine and Spine Care Clinic's Attending Clinician, Dr. Ralph Kruse, and Cox® Technic Instructor, Dr. Kurt Olding and/or Dr. George Joachim, at this Part II course. Dr. Ram Gudavalli, the principle investigator for nearly all research studies, privately and federally funded, and current head of the research department at Keiser, will likely stop by to share all the latest news in Cox Technic studies.

Instructors were very knowledgeable on the information and it was presented in a way that is easily reproducible. – attendee 7/18

What a wonderful and enlightening weekend! I am already implementing so much of what I learned with patients and seeing immediate results. – attendee 11/18

Come to West Palm Beach. Come to Keiser University. Join the Cox® Technic Part II Lumbar Spine Course.

This seminar will blow you away!  Great research presented and the applied as the art of chiropractic. – attendee 7/17

Get certified in Lumbar Spine Cox® Technic (optional written/practical exams). Translate all you learn to your clinical practice. Raise your clinical outcomes.

Great information presented clearly and in an interesting way. Great mix of lecture and hands-on. - Jeff Thompson (October 2019) 
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See you October 24-25, 2020!