Cox® Technic Seminars
present the
of chiropractic protocols to elevate your clinical outcomes.


 "I have had the opportunity to take courses from Dr. Cox on the application of flexion-distraction as the primary intervention for the treatment of low back pain. His work is a credit to the chiropractic profession, and his seminars are a must for any practitioner who wants to practice the technique [flexion-distraction]."
- Jack Dolbin, DC, chiropractor in PA

Instructional Options 
  • SCHOOL: Cox® Technic is taught at nearly all chiropractic colleges as core or elective course material. Students who successfully pass a school course in flexion distraction taught by a Cox® certified doctor are exempt from taking Part I. Click here to see a list of school courses.
  • POST-GRADUATE COURSES: Post Graduate continuing education courses are taught by Drs. James M. Cox, Lee Hazen, George Joachim, Ralph Kruse, Dean Greenwood, Kurt Olding and Jeff Shurr (in England) in affiliation with the National University of Health Sciences. Click here to read more about our INSTRUCTORS.
  • STATE ASSOCIATION AND OTHER EVENTS: Our instructors present as invited for special groups. Click here to see a list of special presentations and convention presentations.
  • HANDS-ON WORKSHOPS: As a supplement to Cox® Technic Seminars, these are small group opportunities to work with a Cox® certified doctor on using Cox® Technic flexion distraction and decompression protocols. Click here for more information on workshops.
Dates / Locations / Schedule
Please click here to see a list of dates and locations for all courses.
Cox® Certification Courses
These courses lay the foundation for Cox® Technic - the diagnostic, biomechanical and treatment basis. Click here for more information on certification and re-certification. CE is applied for (sometimes only for certain states), but not guarateed. Always check with your state board to confirm prior to registration and/or attendance.
  • Part I - This is the starting point! Lumbar Spine Course - 15 CE hours - pre-requisite to Part II
  • Part II -- Lumbar Spine Certification Couse - 15 CE hours - exam offered. Part I completed
  • Part III - Cervical Spine Certification Course - 14 CE hours - exam offered.
  • Part IV - NEW! - Thoracic Spine Certification Course - 14 CE hours - exam offered
  • Honors Course - 12 CE hours - This course builds on the knowledge thus acquired and allows space for colleagues to share successes, challenges, new research, and the excitement of being the Back Pain Specialist.
Hands-On Workshops
These are offered in offices of certified doctors.  A minimum of two and maximum of six doctors/students may attend. These are designed to concentrate on the hands-on practical application of Cox® Technic protocols.
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Attendee Comments
If you wonder what you might gain from a Cox® Technic Seminar experience, click here to read what attendees have said.
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