Julie Cox-Cid has been with the organization since June 1991. Being the daughter of Dr. James Cox, Julie grew up with the development of Cox® Technic and has found a place to support its future with the dedicated, experienced and passionate chiropractic physicians who embrace Cox® Technic. Once a high school English teacher, Julie uses her writing skills to keep the social media packed with news and updates, to get word out about new developments in the monthly newsletter with the case of the month and the month's podcasts and new online webinars and online courses, and the Cox Technic Complete® websites loaded with new search-engine optimized and spine-related care new information continuously. It's all good!  She also helps Dr. Cox get his Research Pearls (audio and written) together each month, his webinars planned/presented/recorded/edited/loaded to the web, his seminars arranged for CE and invitations to speak approved, and his dreams for the continued development and research support for Cox® Technic in order for future evolution. She is most grateful for the opportunity to work alongside her father and all the chiropractic physicians who embrace this technique for which he sacrificed much and continues to envision as more for his beloved chiropractic profession.
Arlene has been with us since August 1999. First a patient of Cox® Technic and Dr. Cox, Arlene brings with her personal experience and appreciation for chiropractic and Cox® Technic. As Julie's executive assistant, Arlene masterfully multitasks and manages seminar registrations, online web updates, orders for supplements/books/DVDs/etc., hugely-ranging-in-need phone calls, and Julie's projects to help her keep things straight! 
Dianne has been with our team since June 2016. Her attention to detail, desire to really understand our operations, and kindness to all callers has endeared her to us all.
Michael helps with inventory receiving, errand running, office organizing, and more to keep the companies going.