Thoracic Spine Courses 2022 - FL, IN, CA


February 10, 2022

Fort Wayne, IN 

F/D Enterprise announces the 2022 conferences on thoracic spine pain and its chiropractic care in three locations: Indiana (Fort Wayne—September 10-11), Florida (West Palm Beach—March 5-6), and California (San Diego—June 11-12). Presentations will be focused on thoracic spine pain conditions, their presentation, examination, diagnosis, in-office treatment and at-home care. Chiropractic physicians are invited to join their active-practice-clinician-colleagues—George Joachim DC DABCR, Kurt Olding DC FIANM, Theodore Siciliano DC, and/or James M. Cox DC DACBR FICC FIANM(H)—for these weekends of thoracic spine care with the Cox® Technic System of Spinal Pain Management via various presentations:
  • description of thoracic spine related conditions (exam/diagnosis/biomechanical tips),
  • demonstration of treatments and protocols, and
  • hands-on practice of treatment protocols and appropriate exercises. 
The interconnection of the vagus nerve, the autonomic nervous system, the celiac plexus, and the spine along with the brain response to spinal manipulation will be explored with references, treatment demonstrations, and hands-on practice (to include a new area of pull to force distraction to add to your treatment options with The Cox®8 Force Table).
Finally, correlative spine manipulation and mobilization is a goal of this seminar, i.e., how does each spine area affect the full spine and how can chiropractic distraction spine manipulation contribute to the biomechanical correction for pain relief and disability reduction (of conditions like DISH, thoracic spine stenosis and disc herniation, hyperkyphosis, Scheuermann’s disease, myelopathy, upper thoracic syndrome, compression fracture, scoliosis (adolescent and adult), etc.)?
An emphasis of hands-on demonstration and practice with a foundation of spine literature references forms this new weekend’s syllabus sure to reinspire your care of patients with thoracic-related issues that you may not even realize!

This is a teaching exposition from everyday-research-directed chiropractic clinicians in practice demonstrating their research-based care of patients. It is simply the most complete evidence-based clinical practice conference you can attend. Your mind and hands will be filled with research-directed patient spine care.

For more information and/or registration, please call 260-637-6609, email, or visit