What Is Cox Technic Part I?

The Cox® Technic System of Spinal Pain Management focuses on non-discogenic low back pain at Part I.

This dynamic, fast-paced 14 hours weekend is the first step to incorporating the System of Cox® Technic into your spine pain management practice. It is based on the biomechanical and anatomical published spinal literature as well as the experimental laboratory studies’ findings on Cox® Technic itself. The System of Cox® Technic uses this biomechanical and anatomical understanding as a bridge to the interpretation of the clinical examination and imaging findings to come up with a clear diagnosis of the patient’s spine pain source and condition. From this, a clear treatment plan is set forth, a treatment plan based on evidence and science.

The conditions focused on at Part I on the non-discogenic conditions like facet syndrome, spondylolisthesis, tropism, short leg and the like with some sharing of care for scoliosis, lumbago, thoracic spine tightness, and spinal stenosis.

Hands-on protocols are introduced, demonstrated, and practiced for lumbar, thoracic and cervical spine in small groups while videotaped actual clinical patients’ examination, treatment, even education, from Dr. Cox’s office are viewed separately.

Attendee Feedback
I couldn't put my finger on exactly what really got me about the course until I discussed it with a patient who does research in human kinetics at the university here in town. What really impressed me were 3 things:
1. "Dr. Cox has connected the dots." He has taken a lot of research from different fields of practice and organized them for us practitioners. The information and data from all the studies were well organized and just opened my eyes. I could immediately identify many patients I treat. (By the way, that quote was my patient's!)

2. Dr. Cox has built a very impressive research foundation where the researchers sought him and his technique. He piqued their curiosity based on his work and not marketing.

3. [[The presentations]] kept my attention the whole time. No flash or arrogance. It was a feast of valid and useful information from the beginning to the end.
- Part I attendee, 1/12 San Francisco
"You get the latest research presented in concise form, as well as individual hands-on with the technique that is invaluable. When’s the last time a seminar day flew by? Good stuff.” - Dr. Keith Olding, Boston Part I (7/11) attendee comment on evaluation form