What is Part II?

The System of Cox Technic focuses on discogenic low back pain at Part II.

This energetic 18 hours weekend course builds on the foundation started in Part I. The biomechanical and anatomical influences on spinal pain are reviewed. The clinical examination is re-emphasized as its importance in the care and ultimate clinical outcome of spinal pain patients is paramount. The treatment plan is demonstrated in videotaped clinical cases. The treatment protocol from tolerance testing to administration based on the research-documented and published algorithms is demonstrated, practiced, finetuned during the objective pressure-transducer session for each attendee, and graded during the practical exam. Tips for educating patients in home care and pain prevention as well as principled ways to spread the word about your gentle, evidence-based care are included.

The conditions focused on in Part II are discogenic-related like disc herniation, spinal stenosis, radiculopathy and the like with presentations on treating post-surgical continued pain patient,  pregnancy-related back and/or leg pain, thoracic disc herniations and more.

Hands-on protocols for lumbar spine are practiced in small groups with an instructor. Protocol I and II and side-lying techniques are shared.

Cervical spine biomechanics, diagnosis and treatment are reviewed and treatment protocols practiced as well.

Cox Technic is a system of spinal pain management. The technique doesn’t stand alone in the relief of spine pain, but rather is a central component. The patient, home care, Cox Technic, exercise, examination, doctor skill are all part of the system whose goal is pain relief.


I had a great experience at the course this weekend and feel that the time and money I spent for the course well worth it. Dr. Cox’s energy is amazing and his passion for chiropractic is contagious.  I am back at the office today explaining to the medical residents shadowing me what it is I am doing when performing Cox Technique, confident with the training I have received this weekend that I will give a clear understanding of how and why we treat back and neck problems.  Those who have seen me perform treatment are impressed with the gentleness of the approach and immediate positive patient response.  Thanks again to Dr. Cox for his tireless effort in making this a reality for the profession. - George Simmons, DC, APC, Part II 2011

First seminar that I paid attention to the whole time! Took notes and was excited for the day. 200%!!! – Part II 2011