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February 12, 2010 11:35 by juliecoxcid

Welcome to the blog for Cox® Technic! There have been many requests for this forum, so I trust it will meet your needs. As your host, I plan to share with you pertinent information to enhance your integration of Cox® Technic into your practice.

As an introduction, I'd like to share that Cox® Technic is used by 60% of chiropractic physicians according to the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners (2000). Cox® Technic (aka flexion-distraction) is the creation of James M. Cox, DC, DACBR.  Flexion-Distraction is taught at chiropractic schools either as core curriculum or via a dedicated elective course or technique overview course. Dr. Cox has worked his career with the purpose of documenting the effectiveness of chiropractic, specifically flexion-distraction and decompression. With the advent of the federally funded research projects being offered to chiropractic researchers willing to work with medical or osteopathic researchers, his desire for documentation was met with funding. This opened the door to gathering support for flexion-distraction. The first grants investigated the biomechanics and clinical outcomes of Cox® flexion-distraction for low back pain and cervical spine pain. Each granting year, flexion-distraction was awarded funds. Today, several grants via HRSA, NIH, FCER and others are funded. Here is a summary of the first three studies' outcomes lead by principal investigator, Ram Gudavalli, PhD:

1 - Biomechanics Study - 28% opening of the spinal canal, intradiscal pressure drop to as low as -192mmHg, and widening of the IVD space

2 - Lumbar Spine Clinical Comparison Study (published in European Spine Journal)- F/D vs. Medical Conservative Care for Lumbar Spine Conditions - F/D outshone medical conservative/active exercise, especially for radiculopathy (leg pain) patients.

3 - Cervical Spine Clinical Comparison Study - F/D vs. Medical Conservative vs. Combination for Cervical Spine Conditions - The combination revealed better outcomes.

Today, certified chiropractic physicians are ready to help their patients with research documented protocols via a network of physicians. Dr. Cox's goal 40 years ago was to have a core of 1000 physicians. Today the number is nearly double that and climbing!



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