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Blog #6 - What Is Cox® Flexion Distraction Decompression Spinal Manipulation?

March 9, 2016 07:16 by jamesmcoxdcdacbr

Cox Technic Flexion Distraction Decompression Spinal Manipulation is evidence-based spinal care, a form of spinal manipulation in which the human spine is placed in distraction (a type of measured controlled traction of the spine) delivered on a specialized spinal manipulation instrument. The Cox Table is the well-designed instrument of choice.

Five specific changes in spine mechanics occur in the intervertebral disc and nerve openings with this procedure (1):

  1. The height of the intervertebral disc is increased.
  2. The size of the nerve opening which is called the intervertebral foramen is increased up to 28% in area.
  3. The pressure within the intervertebral disc which is created by the fluid within the disc is reduced from a positive pressure to a negative pressure gradient. This aids in dropping the pressure on the pain sensitive nerves within the disc and the pressure on the nerve which lies behind the disc which causes sciatic or leg pain when compressed over 20 mm of mercury pressure.
  4. The movements of the spine are restored. A specific spinal vertebral level (consisting of the intervertebral disc and the moveable joints lying behind the disc) is placing into its normal physiological ranges of motion. Remember that loss of spinal mobility is a part of back pain whether it be acute or chronic. Restoring normal spinal mobility offers improved activities of daily living and diminishing spinal stress that causes back pain.
  5. Nervous system tracts of nerves from the spine to the human brain are stimulated when spinal manipulation is administered. These nerve tracts respond to touch, motion, temperature, and pressure to initiate nerve reflexes that relieve pain and allow for normal spinal motion. Such nerve tracts can also affect balance and equilibrium that are so often affected with spinal pain.

The goal of Cox® distraction spinal manipulation is summarized as follows: Attain and maintain physiological range of spine motion with the greatest relief of pain. It is also vital to note that some spinal conditions are not cured, that is to say all the pain is relieved and the person can do any activity without pain recurrence. NO, some spinal conditions that are congenital (born with) or acquired from injury or degenerative spine changes are controlled not cured. In such cases it is important that the patient follow the training given by the chiropractor concerning proper ergonomics (how to move, bend, lift, twist the spine) to avoid pain, perform the specific exercise program developed for your spine condition, and in many cases have dedicated times for undergoing Cox® distraction spinal manipulation so as to maintain relief. Cox Flexion Distraction may well be a beneficial alternative to back surgery for back pain patients.

Respectively submitted,

James M. Cox, DC, DACBR


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