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Course to Recertify in Cox Technic Worthwhile

April 5, 2011 09:39 by juliecoxcid

Once every two years, certified chiropractic physicians in Cox Technic are asked to re-certify to remain listed as active in the referral directory. Attending a course or writing a case report for publication is all that is required.

A recent attendee to the Part I Orlando Cox Seminar for re-certification said this:

I am a Cox® certified doctor who has had the new [Cox7] table for over 4 years. I was amazed at how much I learned on improving my technique. If you have not returned to Cox Seminars in a while, you will be impressed by how much you will learn in areas you thought you had mastered. As you all know Dr Jim doesn't not sit still, and the research is constantly getting better.

Cox Technic strives to keep on top of the most recently published medical research as well as keep in tune with the on-going federally funded and other funded research in chiropractic. In just the past 6 weeks, new information from the laboratory has been shared in the lectures. So exciting!

Consider a Cox Technic course soon. The calendar offers courses Part I, II and III around the country: Boston, St. Louis, San Diego, Nashville, Chicago and more.

  • Part I - introductory, non-disc related conditions, biomechanics, examination, diagnosis, step-by-step instructor-guided hands-on application
  • Part II - continuation of Part I principles with more emphasis on the disc-related conditions, Dr. Gudavalli presents the latest in Cox Technic (flexion-distraction) resesarch and allows time for each participant to use the pressure transducer to measure his or her application of proper pressures
  • Part III - Open to anyone to attend, Part III features Cox Technic in the clinic, in the research realm, in the healthcare community. Dr. Cox and Dr. Gudavalli present the latest information and research. Clinical case reports are presented by Dr. Cox as well as certified doctors. Unique practice situations are discussed (interdisciplinary clinics, military integration, hospital integration, etc): how they came about, if the situtations were initiated by the chiropractor or just came about. Interesting and inspiring. 
Each weekend of Cox Seminars offers glimpses into the world of the chiropractic back pain specialist who implements Cox Technic successfully.

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