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Cox Seminar in Nashville - Relieve Back Pain and Promote Wellness

August 31, 2011 09:48 by juliecoxcid

Interesting how wellness is all the rage today in healthcare, isn't it? But when patients are in pain - back pain, neck pain, related leg pain or arm pain, they want pain relief. Cox Technic is the chiropractic technique for that, and the Cox Seminar is the chiropractic continuing education seminar to deliver the information to successfully implement it in your chiropractic practice.

If you treat these spinal pain conditions, patients will come. You get them feeling better. They appreciate you. That's the time to introduce your tips on wellness to maintain their returned painfree (or less painful) lifestyle.

At the newly re-opened and renovated Gaylord Opryland Hotel in Nashville, TN, Dr. James Cox, developer of Cox Technic protocols, hosts a chiropractic continuing education weekend of Cox Technic for spine pain relief. He has enjoyed nearly 50 years of chiropractic practice and has grown his practice by treating back pain, neck pain, etc., then incorporating wellness tips as the patients come along. With today's emphasis on wellness, today's patients are even more receptive to this sort of discussion.

So, neurosurgeon, Rudy Kachmann, MD, has found much of the same in his years in surgical practice. Patients want pain relief then wellness. He tries to introduce wellness earlier to his patients as well as after care. You'll enjoy his presentation on how mind/body and wellness fit in the healthcare system. He discusses diet, yoga, meditation, books, and other conservative, wellness approaches to pain relief and control.

Then, several Cox Technic certified practitioners are going to present actual patient cases of pain relief and their discusses with patients once that is attained. A few of them will share how they work interdisciplinarily within their local communities.

And a bonus is that Dr. Ram Gudavalli, Cox Technic flexion distraction's researcher, will be there with his pressure measuring transducer for all to see as well as present new information not yet published from research studies.

This weekend will be packed with great, practical information on patient examination, diagnosis, treatment, wellness, and research. Cox Technic is highlighted as well as chiropractic's being the profession to see for spinal pain issues, the door to wellness along with pain relief.

Read more about the weekend, then register today!

           opry info sheet and schedule.pdf (243.79 kb)

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