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Cox Technic - It's not just for low back! It's for CERVICAL SPINE, too!

March 10, 2015 14:15 by juliecoxcid

DC 1: "Flexion distraction. Yeah, I do that. It works great for low back pain and disc herniations."

DC 2: "Have you used flexion distraction for neck pain and arm pain? Cervical spine conditions?"

DC 1: "No. I didn't know it was for that."

DC 2: "The research is amazing, and the technique is so gentle!

Yes, Cox Technic flexion distraction for cervical spine conditions was introduced in 1991 (thanks to Dr. Cox's wife whose C5-6 disc herniation made him venture beyond his beloved L5-S1!). Since then, clinical cases have been published, federally funded studies (both clinical comparison and biomechanical) have been completed, and colleagues have shared their treatment skills with each other formally in workshops and informally in clinics. The Cox Table has also evolved from unwieldy and awkward occipital cups/ropes to simpler long-y axis and straps.

Check out just what Cox Technic flexion distraction offers cervical spine pain patients and their neck pain and arm pain! Then register for a seminar or workshop to learn more.



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