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Online Cox® Technic eCourse #1

October 5, 2010 23:09 by juliecoxcid

Well, Dr. Cox and I are venturing into the world of online eCourses. We are not designing these for CE credit, but rather for information and sharing purposes. We can prepare these mini-courses here and you can watch and interact with them wherever you want - home, office, beach.

Course #1 is ready! The first course is on SCOLIOSIS: DEGENERATIVE & IDIOPATHIC. It features clinical patient cases, demonstration of treatment protocols, powerpoint slides of research papers that recently were published discussing scoliosis, its source, treatment and bracing.

It runs about 75 minutes if you take your time in reading the slides and listening to each video segment. I have included links to all the articles Dr. Cox refers in his talk too. You can gather as much information as you want!

We'll work on another one soon. Topic suggestions? We can take those too. Email Julie at

Check out our online university at

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