Adjunct Resources

We are often asked what items are used in practice to enhance patient compliance and care. Here is a list of resources. These are not necessarily an endorsement of the companies or products, but simply a list of what is currently in use in Dr. Cox's practice.

Chiropractic Flexion Distraction and Decompression Table
Haven Innovation, THE COX®8 TABLE

Cox® Technic (flexion-distraction) Training
F/D Enterprise LLC
Patient Education on Cox® Technic & Spine Pain (posters, books, brochures, and much more)
Marketing materials
Supplements (Discat Plus, Formula #2 Calcium, Formula ONE Multi-Vitamin, Disc & Joint Pain Relief, Flax Plus Fiber)

Cox® Technic Complete - program for flexion distraction practitioners
website, seminar and webinar discounts, office form downloads, patient newsletter ... and more!
Overview/Second Opinion/Consultation of a Tough Case with Dr. James Cox
Fort Wayne Chiropractic Radiological Center
Send all imaging (reports AND films), clinical exam findings, questions with a check to Dr. Cox.
Click here for more information and fees

Back Brace -- The Cox® Lumbosacral Support Belt

Neck Exerciser -- The Cox® Isotonic Exercise Unit

Electrical Stimulation Units
AMREX Low volt A.C. Muscle Stim (MS-324A) and Low volt Galvanic Stim (325A) -or-

Heel Lifts
GW Heel Lift Company

Exercise Accessories (physioball, bands, wobble boards)
ScripHessco (exercise & rehabilitation)

Face Paper Options (headrest Squares with Face Slot or Paper Rolls)

Tempurpedic® or Sleep Number® (depends on patient's needs/likes) and

If you have questions about any other such item, please email me. I'll find out!