Back Support Belt

The Cox® Lumbosacral Support Belt incorporates a Memory Foam pad, making it the ONLY Belt a Patient Needs Through the Healing Process.

Recent medical research even supports the use of back supports during the acute phase of care.
The Cox® Support Belt provides the stabilizing support a patient with a disc herniations and/or spondylolisthesis need as they heal. 

Cox Support Belt      

The Cox® Belt is unique in its design as it incorporates "memory foam" into it.
The belt has double connecting bands with a pocket in the back for the foam insert.
The memory foam "packs" in around the spine segments to hold them in place.
BONUS: An ice pack can even be put in the pocket as directed.

This belt is as useful on day one when a patient is bent over in pain as it is on day 5 or 10 or 12 when the patient has straightened and is healing.