Be The Back Pain Specialist in Your Town

Cox® Technic since the start and through its evolution under the watchful eye of Dr. James M. Cox has developed into a research-documented, research-driven, and evidence-based chiropractic technique of spinal manipulation. Dr. Cox strives to keep supporting research into flexion distraction and decompression procedures that will allow you, his colleague, to become the back pain specialist in your community.
Cox® Technic began in a chiropractic clinic with a doctor who wanted to relieve back pain in his patients. Over the years, Dr. Cox has shared his enthusiasm for being a back pain specialist and presenting the protocols to researchers as well as colleagues to make sure anyone striving to relieve back pain can also become known as the back pain specialist in his or her local community.
A back pain specialist is one who focuses on the examination and diagnosis of the patients that will guide the proper application of Cox® Technic protocols to relieve back pain. The examination of the spine is lead by the most accurate tests researchers find and document in the literature. (Watch a video presentation with Dr. Cox demonstrating the low back examination tests with interpretation.) The diagnosis, most crucial to the best clinical outcomes, depends on the back pain specialist's keeping abreast of the latest examination tests and what they mean. (New tests and interpretations do arrive on the medical scene and excite the back pain specialist as much as they do Dr. Cox who shares them in his Cox® Research Pearls as they come out!) The treatment plan is then based on the diagnosis. The back pain specialist doesn't shy away from the toughest 1 out of 4 patients who are 95% of healthcare cost going to back pain, but rather confidently welcomes these patients, knowing that he or she is the conservative back pain specialist in the community.
The back pain specialist who follows the Cox® Technic system of protocols can rely on the published protocols in textbooks and peer-reviewed and other journals. The protocols call for the doctor to know if the patient is a Protocol I or Protocol II type patient then apply the technique properly for the best back pain relief clinical outcomes like those published are already established for the back pain specialist to rely on as the treatment plan develops.
Cox® Technic offers a referral directory of certified doctors, the published literature, protocols, training and continued research projects to support the back pain specialist, the one patients rely on today for their conservative relief of spine pain.