Cell and Nerve Health Benefits

Discat Plus ENHANCED's chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine sulfate benefit the health of cells and nerves.

Cell & Nerve Health:

  • Disc nutrient concentrations of CS could fall to levels inadequate to maintain cellular activity or viability, resulting in cell death and disc degeneration. (54)
  • Upon nerve injury, the body reacts by starting a system of nerve repair involving neurites. CS proteoglycans (CS-PGs) are present in the nerve extracellular material and guide positive axonal growth to direct nerve regeneration. (70) In the central nervous system, they regulate cell adhesion and migration, neurite formation, polarization of neurons, synaptic plasticity, survival of neurons, etc. (71)
Cell and nerve health and repair are important in the care of back pain and neck pain. Discat Plus ENHANCED offers nutrients to assist in this process.
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