Comments about Cox Hands-On Workshops

Cox® Technic Flexion Distraction Hands-On Workshops are valuable experiences for both instructors and attendees. For both, the intimate nature of the workshops - just no more than 6 attendees at a time - makes for a valuable opportunity to feel the application of Cox® Technic flexion distraction as the "patient" and the "doctor." Leaving a hands-on chiropractic technique workshop focused on flexion distraction builds the attendee's confidence in the proper pressure and hand contact and table motion for all sections of the spine: cervical spine for neck and arm pain, thoracic spine, and lumbar spine for lower back and leg pain.

I have always thought it would be wise to attend as many seminars or workshops as possible because I believe that repeated exposure to the vast amount of material which is Cox® flexion/distraction is necessary in order to become truly proficient in the technique. Just learning protocol 1 and 2 with all of their nuances takes time and effort in become proficient.  Originally, Cox® Technic was for the lumbar and part of the thoracic spine.  Now it is a full spine adjustment which can accommodate many types of spinal conditions which are untreatable with other technics.  Just learning and owning the application of Protocol 1 & 2 for me took several years.  Now add in the many causes of low back pain, mid back pain and neck pain which we are now just scratching the surface can make learning Cox®Technic a daunting task.  Now, let’s throw in nutrition. Can a person learn and own all this info with one or two exposures? I knew I couldn’t. I believe that a 1 time Cox® seminar, work shop or even certification may not make a chiropractor truly proficient in this technique. When I decided to learn Cox® Technic in 2002 I wanted to become the best I could be in using Cox® Technic and to that end I have attended many seminars, have been recertified many times over, written case reports and made case presentations. There is a great opportunity here and all you have to do is get involved. Success will come your way.  For me learning Cox® Technic has been one of the best professional decision I that would ever make. I’m still committed in becoming the best Cox practitioner that I can possibly be and that’s after 35 years of chiropractic practice. Cox® Technic is so under utilized within chiropractic and I would encourage every chiropractor to commit and make the plunge in truly learning Cox® Technic. - Ted Siciliano, DC


Chiropractic is "Hands On". Cox® Seminars and Workshops are "Hands On".  The only way to truly appreciate and learn is to attend an accredited seminar with doctors who are experienced in the application of Cox® Technic. Doctors will gain an immediate, real time understanding of this manual system of spinal adjusting. Patient positioning, doctor's contact and ideal posture, forces applied, as well as direction of correction can be learned to provide the optimum treatment for some of the most difficult conditions chiropractors encounter in practice. - Dean Greenwood DC DABCO


Many Doctors of Chiropractic own and use a flexion distraction table, however do not utilize the equipment or technique in a standardized manor. The physiologic and biomechanical effects may not be fully understood unless the practitioner has taken one of the Cox® seminars. Understanding the rationale behind how the procedure is performed, including the basic protocols and its modifications for different conditions, is essential to provide the best individualized care and getting the best clinical outcomes possible. Attending the seminars and getting certified also helps to standardize the technique so that different clinicians will administer the technique in a similar matter. The hands-on workshops are an unparalleled opportunity to work with a certified instructor to further standardize the procedure between Cox® practitioners, learn the nuances of the Cox® adjusting instrument and practice methods to treat a variety of conditions. – Ralph Kruse DC DABCO


There is no better way for a Chiropractor to learn than by hand and hands on workshops can have a profound effect on the Chiropractor to help them master the perfect amplitude and pressure of the Cox® Technic. – Marc Baker DC


I think hands-on seminars and workshops are crucial to being a very effective and specific Cox® certified chiropractor.  The difference is because you learn the specific contact point pressures, vectors, intensity of your set up and hand pressure which can either help make you a okay chiropractor or very good chiropractor.  Also, the ability of being the patient to be treated with the Cox® Technic, properly applied and done correctly to you, helps educate you on the minor technique variables that make the Cox® Technic so much effective.  Then you are able to handle the much more difficult and chronic cases that most chiropractic techniques can't touch!


I am a firm believer attending seminars, once a year, at least, where hands on is done and you can get treated by an experienced doctor leads to being a more proficient, more educated and more successful chiropractor! - Dr. Mike M. Poulin DC

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