Consultation Services

Tough case? Back Pain? Leg Pain? Neck Pain? Arm Pain? Sciatica?
Often, doctors request a consultation on a case they have in their practices. Othertimes, patients request a consultation as to the diagnosis and appropriateness of Cox® Technic for their pain relief.
A second opinion is sought by patients and doctors alike. We have Certified Cox® Technic doctors who are ready and able to help.
Cox® Technic being the research documented, published protocol, evidence based technique that it is, often is appropriate for spine pain relief be it neck pain or arm pain due to a cervical spine condition or back pain or leg pain (sciatica) due to a lumbar spine condition or mid-back pain. Cox® Technic consultations can be arranged for you and/or your patient. All consultations are pre-paid only, by check to the consultant.
Chiropractic Spine Care Consultants:
  • James M Cox DC DACBR - Indiana
  • Lee J Hazen DC - California
Chiropractic Spine Care Consultations Available Currently:
  1. Overview of all examination findings, history, xray and other imaging (actual images, not just reports) (Cox or Hazen): $150
  2. Overview as described above, plus a 15 minute call (Hazen only): $200
Chiropractic Spine Care Consultation Arrangements on a Month-to-Month contract:
  • Monthly Fee (Hazen only): up to 10 case consultations (Type #1) per month for $450
  • If interested in a different type of program, please contact us, and we will see what we can do.
Cox® Technic consultations are available for:
- neck pain consultation
- back pain consultation
- second opinion on diagnosis
- request of a treatment plan
For neck and back pain consultations, confer with experienced spine care consultants who study and treat back pain everyday!
Contact us today via email or phone at 1-260-637-6609