Cox Table Models

Haven Innovation has been busy listening and innovating and observing the research study outcomes to bring the most efficient, responsive flexion distraction table - "instrument" as Dr. Cox calls it -  to the chiropractic profession. Haven Innovation knows that the flexion distraction table is the core tool of the practice. It needs to be reliable, functional, and hardy. Yes, The Cox Table Model 8 can hold the largest of patients (up to 500 pounds and over 7') and still be gentle enough for the smallest. The NEW available model is described below
Know that each Cox Table has all the functions necessary to meet the established, documented, researched protocols for application. 
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Refer to the chart below for some comparison, and then:
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tiller bar
tiller bar protruding buttons backlit with blue lights
control box - special setting lights
control box - enhanced software** 
position sensors for tension and column
optional thoracic strap
optional thoracic drop
shipping - white glove delivery yes

** Software enhancement includes automated distraction setting via the tiller bar that automatically adjusts the caudal spring tension and table height for repeat patients. This also will accommodate any new software upgrades added in the future.