Cox Technic Complete Program

The Cox® Technic Complete online/offline marketing program is unique in the chiropractic website world.
It is for serious chiropractic back pain specialists who are devoted to reducing pain in their patients via education and state-of-the-art care. There's no fluff. There's no hype. There is research, data and support for chiropractic relief of back pain and neck pain. It is a serious, professional, chiropractic website design program.
Check out this video about Cox® Technic Complete by clicking the image below, the complete chiropractic website for chiropractic spine specialists:
Cox® Technic Complete is called complete for everything it offers. It's not just a chiropractic website (though that is incredibly professional, educational and enticing). It is a program: website (personalized for your practice), downloads (patient and doctor education, marketing tools, powerpoints, and more), patient newsletters (directly delivered monthly to your subscribers), seminar discounts (25% off) and a personalized website page on your practice in the Cox® Technic referral directory (for active certified doctors).
  • The weekly new content pages added to the chiropractic websites are based on spine research collected by Cox® Technic, written for search engine optimization (SEO), and loaded to your website for you. No duplicate content. 
    • These are easily shared to social media pages!
  • The personalized website page is an authoritative backlink for SEO (search engine optimization). 
  • The patient newsletters are drawn from the most recent spinal literature findings that excited Dr. Cox this month.
  • The downloads are invaluable! 
    • Podcasts with Dr. Cox, research pearls, exam forms, patient education, etc.
  • The chiropractic website is you: your chiropractic practice logo and contact info and totally open to editing if you want (except the condition pages which Dr. Cox created to have a common language among chiropractic back pain specialists!). 
  • The seminar discounts save you money on seminars from which you'll gain the latest in spine research to help you help your patients. 
Read more about COX TECHNIC COMPLETE, see a SAMPLE WEBSITE, then sign up today to get your own chiropractic website Cox® Technic Complete program started!
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