Description of The Cox8 Table

The perfected instrument for the proven technic.

The Cox®8 Table® is the perfected chiropractic instrument for the efficacious Cox® Technic, the chiropractic table for flexion distraction spinal distraction and decompression. This eighth-generation table, designed by James M. Cox, DC, DACBR—developer of flexion-distraction protocols—is the culmination of decades of clinical research proving its efficacy; the perfections of prior table designs; and a partnership with Haven Innovation, a world class engineering and manufacturing organization.

Raise the profile of your practice

The Cox8 Table® is the instrument that allows Cox® Technic practitioners to adjust unadjustable patients, including those who can’t be cavitated and those with radicular disc herniation, degenerative disc, stenosis, and other conditions. Unattended long y-axis decompression can be applied.

Adjust the unadjustable

Experience the satisfaction of adjusting unadjustable patients, those who need/want gentle spinal manipulation, only with The Cox8 Table®. Discover increased efficacy as you employ a table and technique backed by extensive research. Enjoy an enhanced reputation as a leading back professional in your community with other doctors and patients alike seeking your expertise in treating back pain and neck pain conditions.

The perfected instrument for hand-on healing

The Cox8 Table® and the Cox Technic® are designed to use the doctor’s hands to guide every aspect of the adjustment. The ergonomic design of The Cox8 Table® and the hands-on nature of the Cox® Technic combine to create an experience that’s physically easier on the doctor and proven efficacious for the patient. Other chiropractic techniques may be practiced on the table as well with the same ease of use and ergonomic comfort.

The perfected instrument from a proven partnership

The Cox8 Table® is the result of decades of research by Dr. James Cox and chiropractic researchers, and a partnership with Haven Innovation, FDA registered medical device manufacturer with experience meeting the high standards physicians expect. Haven provides The Cox8 Table customers with exceptional service and technical support while the Cox® entities provide day-to-day practice support and continuing education seminars/webinars and research, ensuring the ongoing efficacy of The Cox8 Table® and the Cox® Technic.

 the cox table for cox technic flexion distraction