Keep It Simple...
When it comes to coping with and recovery from low back pain, neck pain, arm pain and leg pain (sciatica), simple is best. Exercise is a key to recovery from pain as well as prevention of future pain.
Cox® Technic protocols call for simple yet effective exercises for back pain and neck pain patients to follow. These exercises speed recovery and may help prevent future pain.
Only 15 minutes a day...

Cox® Technic Exercises are so SIMPLE yet so effective to improve then maintain the patient's QUALITY OF LIFE!

Whether there is a neck and arm pain or a low back and leg pain issue, just a few minutes a day helps control the spinal pain condition.
Cox Low Back Exercises
Low Back Pain and Leg Pain Exercises
"The red sheet" as it is known depicts each basic exercise to tone the patient's lower and core body in the right spots to hold the adjustment and strengthen the muscles.

Cox Neck Exercises
Neck Pain and Arm Pain Exercises
"The green sheet" shares resistance band neck exercises as well as hand-resistance exercises to strengthen the neck muscles.