Failed Back Surgical Syndrome Relief

Failed Back Surgical Syndrome (FBSS) patients may find relief from their certified physician using Cox® Technic Flexion Distraction and Decompression. Pain in the same or nearby area after back surgery can be discouraging. Cox® Technic is shown to help.   
In one report of 32 post surgical continued pain patients who suffer with failed back surgical syndrome after lumbar spine surgery to relieve pain who then visited a chiropractic physician who used flexion distraction Cox® Technic, patients reported relief of 40% in 12 treatments (mean). Patients who had a discectomy, fusion and/or laminectomy found nearly 57% relief. Kruse and Cambron (in JMPT) report that there were no adverse events during their care.
In another report of a single post-surgical case, Kruse and Cambron (in J of Chiro Med) discuss the case of a 55 year old man who had undergone a surgical fusion back surgery who had continued pain. This failed back surgical syndrome patient rated his pain at 5 of 10 and 18% on the disability scale. After 13 visits, his pain rating was 0 out of 10 and 2% on the disability scale. At 2 years, he had the same resolution. 
The latest study involved 16 chiropractors using Cox® Technic protocols to care for post-surgical continued pain (aka FBSS) patients with low back pain. This study showed that at the end of active care, 54 (81%) of patients report greater than 50% pain relief and 13 (19%) less than 50% pain relief. (mean active care: 49 days, average 11 treatments). At 24 months following active treatment, 56 patients returned the survey.  46 (82%) patients report pain relief of greater than 50%, and 10 (18%) patients report 50% or less relief. The mean percent of relief at the end of active care was 71.6 (Standard Deviation (SD): 23.2), and at 24 months was 70 (SD:25). At 24 months,24 patients (43%) had not sought further care, 32 patients required further treatment consisting of chiropractic manipulation for 17 (53%), physical therapy, exercise, injections, and medication for 9 (28%), and additional surgery for 5 (16%).  
Cox® Technic's gentle approach and protocols help post-surgical back pain patients with pain relief.
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