Features of The Cox Table

All the features needed to properly apply Cox Technic Flexion-Distraction & Decompression are here. You have many choices when choosing a flexion-distraction table (an "instrument" according to Dr. Cox). The Cox Table incorporates all the necessary motions, controls, and options you need: long Y axis for cervical distraction, lumbar distraction, thoracic distraction, and full spine distraction. This flexion table has it all.
Options...We have many options in life, but when choosing the instrument to perform a professional trade, it makes no sense to not have it all in one excellent tool. We make the choice of The Cox Table easy. If you perform flexion-distraction per published protocols, you need this table in its simplest form. The Cox Table has what you need for Cox Technic flexion-distraction. 
cox table in sequence
cox table thoracic drop

If you want to do drop work or adjust the SI joint with a drop, a thoracic drop is available.

cox table thoracic strap

If you want to do unattended decompression traction, a restraint strap in matching color is available.

We know your technique's requirements. We deliver the features to meet them.
So professional.
So easy.
  • The cervical headpiece for long Y axis distraction is patented … as is the technique associated with its use.
  • Ranges of motion are applied with or without long Y-axis distraction:
    • flexion
    • extension
    • lateral flexion
    • circumduction
    • cervical rotation
  • Refined mechanism for smooth, safe full-spine distraction
  • Long Y-axis cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine traction - manual and automated
  • Free-floating, smooth cervical spine distraction unit - with or without occipital restraint
  • Uncomplicated and non-interfering occiput restraint for cervical and thoracic long Y axis distraction and range of motion
  • Unassisted, automated intermittent traction with adjustable time and distraction distance to increase your clinical productivity with non-sciatica patients only
  • Comfortable doctor tiller-bar hand-grip ball design to reduce physician wrist and hand stress
  • Adjustable face piece for patient ease of breathing and nose comfort PLUS cushions cut out for eye comfort. The combination is essential!
  • Thoracic Drop (optional)
  • Elevation that may qualify the purchase for an potential ADA tax credit. Consult your CPA for details. ADA Tax Information Link
  • Free demonstration DVD of Dr. Cox showing table utilization with each table purchase.
  • Easy, flexible lease plans are available to improve your return on investment. NCMIC Lease Information |  Americorp Lease Information | Cambridge Group | The MediCapital (for Canadian purchases)
  • A one year parts and labor warranty is offered.
  • The up/down column holds up to 500 pounds although not recommended routinely.
  • The range of motion movements may hold 500 pounds in the fully retracted position.
  • The table is U.S. Food and Drug Association (FDA)/Center for Devices and Radiological Health registered.
  • The manufacturer is FDA/Center for Devices and Radiological Health registered.

Please peruse this website for information, then call 1-616-935-1040 or email us about The Cox7 Table.