It's up to you! Financing is as individual a choice as your favorite color...or your FICO score and your credit rating and your business plan. Your local banker knows you and your chiropractic business best, but if you'd like some other input, check with these finance companies who have satisfied current Cox Table owners in their purchases. They can talk with you about specific rates for your specific situation in your quest to purchase The Cox Table.
Leasing vs. Purchasing

This is a choice you must make with the input of your accountant based on your practice's unique situation. Here is some general information.


  • Leases make it easier to get the instrument you want with low monthly payments.
  • A "true lease" payment may be 100% tax deductible as a business expense.
  • No Reduction of Existing Credit Lines
  • Makes you money while you pay for it monthly
  • Payments can be customized for you: length of lease, down payment (if any), skip a month lease, step lease whereby payments may go up or down on your schedule, etc.


  • Check with your local financial institution. Your local banker knows you and your business best.
  • Financing terms will be dependent on your individual financial situation.
  • Set up a line of credit.
  • Talk with your accountant and attorney to decide what works best for your business in the financing of your Cox Table.         
  • THEN, Email us -or- call us direct at Haven Innovation - 844-614-2836 or 616-935-1040.  If no answer call Cox Technic at 800-441-5571 with any questions. We are here to help!