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Cox® Technic is utilized by physicians around the world to treat low back and leg pain, neck and arm pain as well as other spinal pain conditions (synovial cysts, degenerated discs, herniated discs, stenosis, spondylolisthesis, facet syndrome, etc.).
A referral network of chiropractic physicians Certified in Cox® Technic procedures is established from doctors' attendance at special training courses in Cox® protocols.

The National University of Health Sciences Post Graduate Division ( supports this referral network.

If you wish to seek care from a Certified Doctor (one who successfully completed the Certification Course process and passed written and/or practical exams), please use the search tool below to find a physician close to you. This list is updated continually as doctors contact us with their updated information. Doctors' status with their certification is also noted here:
  • Active
    • Active Certified Doctors are current with their Certification participation as of 1/1/23
      These doctors have either been Certified* or Re-Certified** (within the past 2 years). Their contact information is up-to-date as is their awareness of the latest research in Cox® Technic and its procedures.
      Current as of January 1, 2023
  • Inactive
    • Inactive doctors have not been recently Re-Certified. 
    • The doctor did take the Certification course and passed the examination at one point. However, they are not current with their Certification participation by 1/1/23.
    • Their contact information will not be listed until they complete a Re-Certification Requirement.
      Seeking care from a physician requires personal due diligence. 
Note: Certification does not guarantee treatment outcomes. Being listed here does not guarantee proficiency.