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Below is a list of just a few of our Free Webinars available for you to watch on your own time!

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Differentiation is Key in Chiropractic and Beyond 
Dr. James Cox discusses statistics that differentiate the chiropractic practice in the treatment of spinal pain conditions in today's healthcare environment. Presenting a few cases from practice, highlighting their examination, diagnosis, and treatment plans as well demonstrate how chiropractors are able to differentiate their care of back pain patients as back pain specialists. 

Julie Cox-Cid will present features of Cox® Technic Complete that differentiate you, your practice and your knowledge of back pain and its related conditions from other healthcare providers in your local area.  Julie will also share features of the Cox® Technic Complete program that are most different from other website programs, too. 

And special guest panelist, Mark Burke, COO of Cirrus ABS, the technology partner of Cox® Technic Complete, presents the importance of differentiation as well as localization when it comes to marketing your practice online and off. Mark's passion for online business development shines when he talks how to set your practice apart from all the rest...the right ultimately grow your practice.
60 minutes

Julie Cox-Cid will present the Resources of Cox® Technic Complete that come with the program. The are available through the administration panel. She will demonstrate, too, how the resources also appear on the CTC website portion of the program.

30 minutes

Julie Cox-Cid gives a Tour of the Cox® Technic Complete program: the website, the downloadable resources (and how to do that), the special discounts and such available.

60 minutes

Demand for Chiropractic Grows

Dr. James Cox opens this webinar with a discussion of a just released article in Canada about the trouble spinal surgeons have in seeing all the patients they are sent. Canada is trying to find a way to better manage back pain. Amazing stats that chiropractic can address.

Dr. James Cox discusses statistics that affect the chiropractic practice as well as treatment of spinal pain conditions in today's healthcare environment.

In this webinar, Dr. Cox will also present a few cases from practice, highlighting their examination, diagnosis, and treatment plans as well.

Julie Cox-Cid will present features of Cox® Technic Complete that keep you and your patients in touch with the pertinent chiropractic research of the day in a way that keeps Google and the like happy as well. The program of Cox® Technic Complete will be shared as well - the tools, the discounts, the audio chats (and how to find them in the admin section).

Join Dr. Cox and Julie for this short hour of fast-paced chiropractic excitement!
60 minutes
Cox® Technic Meets the Demand for Evidence-Based Protocols & Helps You Build Your Spine Pain Relief Practice
Dr. James Cox opens this webinar with a discussion of a male patient he is currently seeing with stenosis and incontinence who is told he should have another surgery. Dr. Cox discusses his advised plan...

Dr. Cox  discusses the latest reports from the published literature about the demand for chiropractic and spinal manipulation. Evidence-based care is in demand. Chiropractic is in demand. Chiropractors' back pain skill is desired. The public think of chiropractic when they think of back pain.

Julie Cox-Cid will share how the Cox® Technic Complete program lets your community know that you are the back pain specialist they can depend on to deliver back pain relief. From a professionally designed online presence in the form of a professionally designed website to offline chiropractic practice forms, patient education materials, research pearls and their relevance to your practice, medical colleague communication tools, and Cox® Seminar discounts, Cox® Technic Complete keeps the chiropractic back pain specialist in the loop of back pain care.

Cox® Technic Complete also delivers in the demanding web-world for search engine optimization, keyword design and localization. A demonstration of the website features and an explanation of how they relate to attracting new patients and retaining current patients will be shared.
60 minutes