Glucosamine Does NOT Affect Diabetic A1C

Diabetic patients with disc degeneration and back pain issues may wonder about the effect of glucosamine sulfate on their blood sugar levels like the A1C. A recent report shares that glucosamine sulfate does not affect the HbA1C report. "There was no effect of glucosamine sulfate on mean HbA1c level nor on obtaining a high HbA1c level or new-onset diabetes mellitus over 6.5 years, especially in participants with a normal HbA1c level at baseline." (reference Gommans) If a diabetic has back pain, neck pain, neck-related arm pain, back-related leg pain, taking a joint and disc nutritional supplement like Discat Plus can be a beneficial part of their care. This article published in American Journal of Medicine may be a relief. A diabetic patient could share it with his or her physician when considering adding a glucosamine sulfate supplement to his or her diabetic routine.
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