Guide to Choosing a Cox Online Course

On the LOGIN PAGE, there is a link to CHECK THE APPROVALS LIST in green:

On that page ( choose the most recent posted list.

Click on that to open the file. Page 1 looks like this:

Each page has a COLOR. (Above is PINK for the PINK COURSES (Part I courses).
Below are the GREEN COURSES (mix of courses).

At the bottom of each page, is the list of course titles. (You don't have to remember these. Just remember the COLOR that has CE for your state.)

This is at the bottom of the GREEN page:


You get the idea.

NOW - LOG IN on the log in page

The DASHBOARD likely comes up. (You will also see the CHECK THE CE APPROVALS LIST link here as well.)


Go to the CATALOG tab.

On the right side of the page, click on ALL CATEGORIES for the drop down list:

Click on BLUE to just see the BLUE courses listed.


The RED courses have NO CE yet:

Or you can scroll through all the courses without picking a color (Click on ALL CATEGORIES.), and you'll see each course has its color above the title. Here is an olive and 3 light blue courses.

Here is PAGE 3 with a mix of color courses (olive, light blue, blue, green):

Finally, PRINT OUT THE APPROVALS LIST each time you want to take a course.
Choose a course with or without CE as you desire.
Take it. 
Print your certificate.
Staple the certificate and the approvals list together for your file in case you are audited. 
(PS - You can always come back and reprint a certificate, too.)