Honors Course 2019 - Inspiration, Confidence, Camaraderie - Charlotte

The Cox Technic Honors Course inspires practice enjoyment, instills confidence, and invites camaraderie.
  • Inspiration...to enjoy clinical practice, to get to the office Monday morning.
  • Confidence...in spinal manipulation, in chiropractic, in you. 
  • Camaraderie...with like-minded colleagues to relieve patient pain gently and safely with research-documented protocols and in accordance with and understanding of the latest spine research concepts. 
Watch Dr. James Cox share just why you, the chiropractic back pain specialist, is able to relieve pain and much more with spinal manipulation:
INSPIRATION...Dr. Cox leads the weekend with a presentation of the latest in spine care principles and protocols as well as their patient clinical outcomes. Attendees are invited to share their spine cases - challenging and successful - with the group on which further discussion of treatment plan development and treatment protocol application based on the latest spine research. Dr. Cox shares cases from his own practice, too, with treatment demonstrations throughout the weekend on The Cox8 Table by Haven Medical
CONFIDENCE...The weekend is full of research and meaningful references chiropractic back pain specialists can take home with them inspired, more confident and supported by the weekend's interactions to welcome new and current chiropractic patients alike to the office, knowing you can help them find pain relief.
CAMARADERIE...To make connections with your like minded colleagues, join Dr. Cox for dinner at The Gallery to continue the discussion!