IANM Approves Cox® Seminars for Re-Certification

Thank you for your interest in Cox® Technic Seminars. Thank you to the IAMN for its partnering with Cox® Technic for educational opportunities for its members. 
The International Academy of Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine (IANM) approves attendance at Cox® Seminars by F/D Enterprise LLC for their Fellows to pursue re-certification status with the International Academy of Neuromusculskeletal Medicine.
One of the goals for re-certification that President of the IANM, Dr. Kim Skibsted, describes is to "Demonstrate that the Diplomate has kept current with new practices, methodologies, equipment, terminology, procedures and evidence based material." Cox® Technic Seminars is honored by this acceptance and recognition as a vehicle for IANM Fellows to re-certify.
The Cox® Technic organization looks forward to this partnership in continuing education. The evidence-based chiropractic research and protocols of Cox® Technic Flexion-Distraction and Decompression adjusting as developed by Dr. James M. Cox are the focus of the courses with much documentation and reference to the medical and chiropractic published literature and research.
Starting January 2020, Part I Cox® Technic Courses are 14 hours. Part II Cox® Technic Courses are 16 hours. Part III Cox® Technic Cervical Spine Courses are 14 hours. Part IV Cox® Technic Thoracic Spine Courses are 14 hours. 
Note for IANM Diplomates/Fellows:
Please review the MOC (maintenance of credentials) requirements in taking Cox® Courses.
Dr. Cox's Welcome to IANM Diplomates/Fellows:
(formerly ACO Academy of Chiropractic Orthopedists - now only 12 hours instead of 20 hours)
Continuing education credits are in conjunction with the post-graduate division of the National University of Health Sciences.
The Cox® Seminar schedule is published. We look forward to welcoming International Academy of Nueromusculoskeletal Medicine Fellows to the Cox® Technic courses and look forward to sharing the Cox® System of Spinal Pain Management.