September 2014


Physicians who are currently listed in the online Referral Directory of Cox® Technic are receiving this NOTICE to RE-CERTIFY. You are listed as either ACTIVE or INACTIVE.

Due to years of the referral directory’s use to locate physicians who treat similarly with Cox® Technic, and patients and/or referring doctors frustration with either calling and finding out the doctor does not use Cox® Technic, or patients going to the listed doctor and not receiving Cox® Technic, The Referral Directory will be updated on June 1, 2015, with all INACTIVE physicians being removed from the directory.
What will this do?  It will update the listing with those who are current with the Cox® Technic information, research, and protocols. It raises the level of trust that the doctors listed really do offer Cox® Technic as they have recently invested time with the technique.
To attain/retain your "ACTIVE" status, you will need to do ONLY ONE of the following every two years (to extend your listing for two years) 
  1. Attend an on-site Cox® Seminar for 12 hours - your choice: PART I, PART II, PART III, PART IV, or Honors Course. (no new test, only attendance). You will have a discounted rate of 15% if you attend a F/D Enterprise LLC sponsored course since you are already Certified!
  2. NEW! Take 12 (1 hour each) online courses, with quizzes. Some courses have CE credits for states that accept them. You will need to make a personal account. Look through the course offerings. Register for each individually. $40/each. Take 12 courses to total your 12 hours needed for Re-Certification. 
  3. NEW! Take 8 (1 hour each) online courses, with quizzes $40/each - plus, take a 4 hour Hands-On Workshop $250, (for which there may not be CE credit), to total your 12 hours needed for Re-Certification.
  4. Write a case report:  Write a case report on a patient that you treated using Cox® Technic protocols (approved by the Cox® Technic reviewers) in proper format and include a clear discussion of recent Cox® Technic research outcomes. Fee: $175

If you have any questions, please contact us.

We look forward to seeing you, and/or your Re-Certifying soon!

Most sincerely,

Julie Cox-Cid
Co-ordinator for Cox® Technic