Info Sheet - 50% RULE - Be Sure To Share This!

Los Angeles - January 21-22, 2011 - Part I
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The 50% Rule.
It's simple. It's so simple that often it's overlooked.
To remind both parties - the chiropractic physician and the chiropractic patient - involved in the healing process with Cox Technic flexion distraction, this NEW Information Sheet is beneficial. 
How? It's essential for clinical outcomes for back pain relief and neck pain relief with Cox Technic. It guides the chiropractic treatment plan and it sets up the clinical expectations for patients as to how their care will go: how many treatments? how long will I be treated? how many times do I have to come to the chiropractic office? 
The 50% Rule is essential to the Treatment Plan of Cox Technic. Share this with your chiropractic patients so they know what to expect and what you are looking for in their progress toward back pain relief.
For radicular pain patients  - patients whose pain extends typically below the knee (back pain) or elbow (neck pain) - the published algorithm of decision-making (unique in chiropractic care) states that a patient may be treated daily up to 3 to 5 weeks. (Mind you, don't fear this! Most patients find that 50% relief after just a few days.) Upon 50% relief of pain (objectively and subjectively), the chiropractic office visits are cut by 50%. Plus treatment changes from Protocol 1 (radicular pain) to Protocol 2 (non-radicular pain)

This 50% Rule is comforting to both doctor and patient. If 50% isn't revealed in 30 days, imaging and/or surgical consultation is the next step.