Info Sheet - 50% RULE - Be Sure To Share This!

Los Angeles - January 21-22, 2011 - Part I
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The 50% Rule.
It's simple. It's so simple that often it's overlooked.
To remind both parties - the chiropractic physician and the chiropractic patient - involved in the healing process with Cox® Technic flexion distraction, this NEW Information Sheet is beneficial. 
How? It's essential for clinical outcomes for back pain relief and neck pain relief with Cox® Technic. It guides the chiropractic treatment plan and it sets up the clinical expectations for patients as to how their care will go: how many treatments? how long will I be treated? how many times do I have to come to the chiropractic office? 
The 50% Rule is essential to the Treatment Plan of Cox® Technic. Share this with your chiropractic patients so they know what to expect and what you are looking for in their progress toward back pain relief.
For radicular pain patients  - patients whose pain extends typically below the knee (back pain) or elbow (neck pain) - the published algorithm of decision-making (unique in chiropractic care) states that a patient may be treated daily up to 3 to 5 weeks. (Mind you, don't fear this! Most patients find that 50% relief after just a few days.) Upon 50% relief of pain (objectively and subjectively), the chiropractic office visits are cut by 50%. Plus treatment changes from Protocol 1 (radicular pain) to Protocol 2 (non-radicular pain)

This 50% Rule is comforting to both doctor and patient. If 50% isn't revealed in 30 days, imaging and/or surgical consultation is the next step.