Owners' Comments

Owners' Comments
I was just nibbling at the edges ... Eight months ago, on a leap of faith, I ordered my very own Cox Adjusting Instrument (The Cox7 Table) and received it about 1 week later. It was perfect in every way.  Its design and manufacture are flawless.  Its action is whisper quiet and smooth as glass. ... I just can't thank Dr. Cox and his research team enough for their excellent work and for developing science based equipment and techniques that allow me to achieve the desired result--happy, well patients who tell all their friends--Oh yes, we're busier.  If you have patients with sciatica, facet syndrome, stenosis, spondyloarthopathy or any of a host of other ailments associated with injury or degenerative change, you need one.  Wow!
Texas DC

I just wanted to pass on how much my practice has improved since doing F/D. My volume has increased at least 50%. I have better compliance and I have had a lot of positive comments from long term patients.
Thanks again for the great work.
Michael Walker, DC (KY)

I would like to express how successful the implementation of the new Cox table has been in my practice. The addition of the axial distraction is a distinct and useful tool in patient care. Patients will wait extra time just to make sure they are treated on this table.
I personally did not feel there could be much difference between the old manual style tables and the new table. After Dr Al Unruh treated me on his table, my viewpoint changed. Within days, my first and hopefully not my last next generation Cox table was on the way. I did spend time researching other flexion/distraction tables before purchase and there are none that compare. Is the product work the extra cost? Yes, definitely it is.
Sincerely, Dr David Fogel

Input from a recent survey of The Cox7 Table owners …

  • "Patient response with utilization of The Cox Table has been remarkable! Patient satisfaction in the treatment of stenosis, disc protrusions and scoliosis has been tremendous." 
  • "After 27 years of practice, this table is the most significant piece of equipment I have ever purchased and has made a huge impact in patient care."
  • "Very useful for treating geriatric patients."  
  • "The coupled motion of Y-axis distraction and flexion distraction helps speed the recovery of lumbar disc cases." 
  • "The advantage [of the Cox Table is] to treat disc problems in an easier way for the doctor and the patients, faster results in less number visits, all this compared with other adjusting tables and techniques." 
  • "The Cox Table has taken my practice into a higher level. New patients come in from hearing about the work we're doing with the table."
  • "… the table is awesome."
  • "I have also witnessed some amazing improvements with my c[ervical] spine disc patients that I could not [have] had before the new head piece."
  • "Purchase this table and your competition no longer exists."
  • "The unit/instrument will add an ability to treat both lumbar and cervical nerve root problems in a way many chiropractors have only dreams of doing. The cost will be returned in patient referrals and 'talk around town' of 'real adjusting without the cracking'."
  • "The quality of treatment available using the Cox Table is unsurpassed."
  • "Efficiency Improvement: "not less time, but much better results"
  • "I have been using Cox tables for 16 years. This is the best table for lumbar distraction that I have ever used!"
  • "The new Cox Table has brought my clinical efficiency to a level that I believe that is unparalleled in the chiropractic profession. To practice without is simply not an option in my busy clinical practice."
  • "Best thing I have done for my practice. I can treat a lot more patients efficiently than before. Many that can't take manual lumbar adjustments can easily be treated using Cox."