Please click here to see the brochure, and peruse the pictures below of the features.

Cox Table headpiece 
"Free-Floating" Cervical Distraction Headpiece for long-Y-axis distraction
patented - patent no. 6,638,299
Cox Table Thoracic Restraint Strap
Thoracic restraint
for unattended long-Y-axis decompression
Cox Table control box
Control Box
Power (on/off), Timer, Distraction Depth
Cox Table occipital restraint
Simple Occipital Restraint System
with velcro attachments
Cox Table Cervical Tiller Bar lock Cox Table Caudal Tiller Bar lock
Easy Tiller Bar Release Locks
- headpiece tiller bar
- caudle section tiller bar

Cox Table hand grip
Comfortable Hand Grip
  • on cervical and caudal tiller bars since there is no need to "pull"  or "push" the table sections due to the power design features
  • dissipates forcea across the whole palm/hand for no stress points
Cox Table face cushion closer
Cox Table face cushions wider
Face Cushion Width Adjustment
Knob beneath the left face cushion
  • Top - cushions tight
  • Bottom - cushions wider
Cox Table elevation control caudal
elevation footswitch
Easily Accessible Elevation Controls 
  • on tiller bar when treating a patient's low back
  • by foot pedal when treating a patient's neck and thoracic spine
Cox Table tiller bar controls back
Cox Table controls
Fingertip Controls on Tiller Bar
elevation (up/down), automated distraction, tension adjustment for balance
control box
Cox Table long y control
Cox Table long y tapeswitch control
Caudal Automated long-Y-axis Axial Distraction
controlled by
  • control box (for attended or unattended treatment)
  • button on tiller bar
  • foot tapeswitch