Students are able to complete school training in physicians' clinics with special arrangements. If you as a chiropractic student or as a Cox Technic certified physician is interested, please contact a school and/or each other. Chiropractic students who discover Cox Technic while in school appreciate the opportunity a Cox Technic preceptorship affords, experiencing the integration of Cox protocols into the daily practice.

These chiropractic student preceptorship opportunities are listed by request. If you wish to be removed from or added to the Cox Technic preceptorship offering lists, please contact us.

Listings will remain for 1 year unless requested otherwise.



Phoenix, AZ
Preceptorship available in Northern Phoenix office. Doctor has been certified and practices Cox® Technic daily. Working on a case study now. Most work is with discs and stenosis.
Dr. Grgula 
Contact: phone: 480-290-2209
12th quarter student @ Life U in Marietta, GA and would be interested in speaking with a Cox DC.  My contact is 678-331-4417. John
Atlanta, GA area
PEAK doctor for Life Marietta.
Dr. Cross.
Contact:  404 303 0266