Pregnancy-Related Back Pain Relief

Pregnancy-related back pain hampers the joy of motherhood. Talk to any pregnancy woman, and you'll hear from most that back pain during pregnancy and even leg pain during pregnancy is not unusual. Talk with their obstetricians, and you'll hear the same thing! But what can be done to help pregnant women suffering with back pain and leg pain? No one wants to do xrays or MRIs or prescribe drugs during pregnancy. And it's not right that a pregnant woman must suffer with back and leg pain during pregnancy when a gentle, effective treatment is available.
Cox® Technic flexion distraction is a safe, non-invasive, gentle, non-drug approach to relieve the back pain and leg pain that stems from pregnancy. Often just a visit or two alleviates the back pain during pregnancy. If the leg pain or back pain is due to the baby position, treatment with flexion distraction may be desired more often until the baby is born. It all depends, but back pain during pregnancy may be relieved.
Consider these articles, listen to the podcasts about pregnancy-related back pain and leg pain relief with Cox® Technic flexion distraction, then find a certified physician near you to find relief for your pregnancy-related back pain and leg pain.

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  • 26-year-old woman in her second trimester of pregnancy
    • severe pain in her lower back that radiated to hips bilaterally and to right leg
    • tingling down her right lower leg to the dorsum of her foot
  • differential diagnoses included lumbalgia with associated radiculopathy
  • Treatment consisted of manual traction in the side-lying position using a specialized chiropractic table and treatment technique (Cox® flexion-distraction decompression) modified for pregnancy.
  • Relief was noted after the first treatment, and complete resolution of her subjective and objective findings occurred after 8 visits.


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