Pressure Transducer for Training

Drs. Ram Gudavalli and James Cox share their clinical findings of how a pressure transducer helps teach and modify physicians' application of forces to the spine while applying Cox® Technic flexion distraction. They share that it doesn't take much time for this teaching or finetuning, but it is so valuable. Flexion distraction is truly more than just flexing the caudal end of a flexion distraction table. There is science and art behind the flexion distraction and decompression spinal manipulation adjustment.
Colorful charts and graphs show the forces of experienced and inexperienced physicians applying flexion distraction.  
Graphs are also included that show the before and after transducer application as well as pictures showing the transducer itself.
Check out the full article - "Real-time force feedback during flexion-distraction procedure for low back pain: A pilot study" - on how training with the pressure transducer affects the application of flexion distraction...then consider coming to a Cox® Technic Certification Course soon to experience the transducer yourself! Your technique will be enhanced as will your clinical outcomes.