Price and Finance Options

Physicians focusing on spine pain relief with non-surgical, evidence-based, research-documented Cox Technic Flexion Distraction and Decompression protocols turn to The Cox7 Table. The Cox7 Table price is most feasible.
Possible Scenario 
   $17,200 (base table price)
-     5,000 (ADA tax credit if you qualify)
-     6,080 (Section 179 deduction)
Base Price:
  • $17,200 (US price)
  • $17,900 (out of US)

Options Prices
  • $700 (US price) for a thoracic drop
  • $300 (US price) for a thoracic restraint strap
  • $150 (US price) for tan, hunter green or burgundy cushions (Black and blue are standard.)

Cushion Color Options:
  • black, burgundy, blue, tan, hunter green (See above.)

U.S. Continental Shipping* Price:

  • $1000 for anything EAST of Minnesota - down to Louisiana.
  • $1300 for anything WEST - for example:  ND, OK, TX and West.


  • Non-continental shipping will vary. Please ask for a quote.

* Shipping is 5 to 6 weeks as Haven Innovation. Inside delivery is recommended, but you may choose curbside delivery. SEKO Worldwide is the delivery service. If you would like to see Haven Innovation's factory and pick your table up yourself, you are welcome to arrange that as well!

U.S. Tax Incentives
The U.S. government offers small businesses a few incentives for improving their facilities and building their businesses.
ADA Tax Credit / up to $5000 tax credit
    • Possible ADA Tax Credit from law #1338, Aid to Disabled Americans - You may be eligible for a tax credit for a portion of purchase price of the table. Through provisions in the Aid to Disabled Americans legislation, a tax credit of up to $5,000 may be taken in the year of purchase of the table. This is a tax credit that can be used to directly offset your tax liability.  Please have your CPA review and verify this process. See for more details. An overview is at
Section 179 Small Business Deduction / up to potential $6020 deductions of IRS capital expenditures

Tax Credit for Barrier Removal (Disabled) (Section 190) / combine with Section 44 ADA Tax Credit up to potential $10,000 deduction

Financing Options*
Leasing vs. Financing is a choice you must make with the input of your accountant based on your practice's unique situation. Here is some general information. 
  • Leases make it easier to get the instrument you want with low monthly payments.
  • A "true lease" payment may be 100% tax deductible as a business expense.
  • No Reduction of  Existing Credit Lines
  • Makes you money while you pay for it monthly 
  • Payments can be  customized for you: length of lease, down payment (if any), skip a month lease, step lease whereby payments may go up or down on your schedule, etc.
  • See Links for Lease Company contacts.
  • Check with your local financial institution. Your local banker knows you and your business best.
  • Financing terms will be dependent on your individual financial situation.
  • Set up a line of credit. 
(Any may change without notice. Call lenders for the latest rates.)     
* Numbers and figures are subject to change. This is not intended as tax advice. The above information is not intended to be an interpretation of tax code and regulations but is offered for informational purposes only. Please consult with your accountant and/or attorney to discuss and apply specific provisions of the tax code and financing options. Please consult with a leasing organization for an exact monthly lease figure. See Links.
** Potential low net cost of table. Consult your tax advisor to discuss and apply specific provisions of the tax code.